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In 2007 CoolRock Software installed its groundbreaking software solution – TEAL Secure+ – for the world’s leading Mineral Resources Company, enabling them to archive and securely search their email content and attachments. The need for TEAL Secure+ (Patents Pending) was driven by the lack of archiving and discovery tools that allow encryption on a per user basis for email content.

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TEAL Virtual Ediition appeals to Cloud Computing, Co-located and traditional Web Hosting companies. Where traditional archiving partners take most if not all the revenue, CoolRock allows you to provide a valuable service and high margin line of business.
There are no upfront fees, you only pay CoolRock once you generate revenue, and you only need to make available the hardware to load our free software.

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TEAL Enterprise Edition is CoolRock’s main corporate offering. It is a corporate grade email archive that is interoperable with most popular enterprise infrastructure environments (Exchange, Lotus Notes, Active Directory, Oracle etc.). It is typically a single instance deployment to a central archive server.

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In the white paper “Why Securing Communications and Content is a Critical Best Practice” Osterman Research Inc. identified many of the risks and factors driving organizations to stricter enforcement of securing content at rest.

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