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Dear CEO,

Many tech products exist to support relationships and transactions with customers, to make the IT shop more efficient or perhaps to attract the best and brightest talent to your team.

This one’s a little different.

CoolRock Obsidian is a cutting edge solution that cannot be ignored by the CEO. It protects our critical data from unauthorised access and mishandling…with elegant simplicity. It also protects our people from menacing demands for access to their devices. And it protects our organisation and our Board from potential reputational damage and financial distress.

In short, it enables us to meet our legal obligations in relation to Critical Data Protection and to avoid the consequences of failing to do so.

CoolRock has an impeccable track record in securing the critical data of some of Australia’s leading organisations. And we think the platform is a delight to use…

Take a look for yourself

And why not give me a call? I’d be delighted to meet you and to show you how Obsidian can keep your critical data secure.

Paul Mitchell
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Paul Mitchell
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