There’s never been a more efficient way to retrieve encrypted data…

The Problem

In the course of conducting a routine audit at Acme Consulting, a member of Smith & Co’s audit team was approached by an Acme clerical employee who, with a good deal of trepidation, raised concerns over what seemed to be a series of fraudulent transactions.

The local Director of Sales appeared to be raising false invoices, and lodging these with a friendly conspirator within a client organisation. Although there was an outstanding debt on the books, the inflated sales figures ensured the local results were contributing favourably to Acme’s global earnings, the market was happy and the Director continued to receive his bonuses. A preliminary review by Smith & Co led to a recommendation for a forensic audit.

How CoolRock Helped

At the direction of Acme Consulting’s Board of Management, Smith & Co’s Forensic Audit specialists were mobilised to conduct an audit. The IT Director assigned temporary permissions to the audit team, enabling them to access data in Obsidian’s encrypted data stores.

The team very quickly detected discrepancies between consultants’ time sheets and invoices raised. They were further able to show that the Director of Sales had generated fraudulent invoices by overriding internal controls.

As encrypted data is transparently decrypted on access after authentication, the Forensic Audit Team moved hastily to gather evidence. In fact within one day the team had planned their approach, gathered compelling evidence and prepared a report sufficient to take the matter before a court of law.

Outcome and Benefits

  • Significant reduction in effort, and thus cost, of conduct of audit by Smith & Co;
  • Significant shortening of evidence gathering timeframe, thus faster conviction of Director of Sales;
  • More rapid restoration of Acme’s reputation in the market place both as a supplier and employer;


Your critical data is safe… no matter where it is and whose hands it may fall into...

The Problem

Tim works for a major Australian government entity whose mandate is to facilitate trade with emerging nations around the Pacific Rim. Tim has been nominated to attend a meeting of regional trade officials on behalf of his country. Whilst he feels honoured to have been selected, he harbours feelings of mild anxiety as the host nation has a reputation for exploitation. In particular, they are not known for respecting the privacy and intellectual property of others!

His trip takes him away from office and family for eight days, during which he cannot afford to be off line.

How CoolRock Helped

Before departing Tim called the IT Support Desk who helped him to download and install the Obsidian Gate app on his phone, tablet and laptop. Whilst he felt a touch irritated at the changes to his familiar work environment, he accepted the need for data protection.

As it happened, mild irritation was short lived…one innocuous little icon provided the point of entry to a simple, highly intuitive interface that enabled him to send text messages and emails and to access documents on shared drives.

In practical terms it was business as usual for Tim. For his employer however each and every exchange was secure. And as no data was ever stored on his hardware, Tim could rest easy knowing that if he did have the misfortune to lose a device, no data was at risk.

Outcome and Benefits

By ensuring all exchanges of data were channelled through Obsidian….

  • All critical data was protected from the threat of vulnerability and attack;
  • The well being of the employee was safeguarded;
  • The reputation of the government department as a respectful and responsible employer was enhanced;


Keep your data secure and your employees safe… even in the face of menacing demands…

The Problem

John, a member of the Asia Pacific product development team of major Australian manufacturing conglomerate, flew to Beijing to meet with his Chinese colleagues.

On arrival John was interviewed by a somewhat fervent member of the Chinese Immigration Inspection Team who requested access to the data on his laptop. Despite reasoned protest, John felt intimidated to the point where he saw no option but to comply.

How CoolRock Helped

John had the Obsidian Gate app installed on his laptop and knew that if ever he was under duress, he could simulate compliance with menacing demands by using an alternative set of credentials to access an ‘alternative’ but authentic looking set of data.

He successfully applied these credentials, satisfied the demands of the official and before long was ushered through Immigration.

Outcome and Benefits

By providing access to an alternative data set for individuals under duress...

  • All critical data was protected from the threat of vulnerability and attack;
  • The well being of the employee was safeguarded;
  • The reputation of the organisation as a respectful and responsible employer was enhanced;

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